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We will send you only the top quality Nursery candidates that the UK market has to offer based upon the criteria sent within your request.

❖ All candidates are fully qualified and experienced in the professional field they have applied for. All qualifications will be presented in the interview.

❖ Paediatric First Aid: At Bilingual baby we promise to deliver the most professional candidates on the market. All of our candidates will have a paediatric first aid certificate. We ensure safety to all children in our care.

❖ DBS: All our candidates will have a fully valid DBS, ensuring child safety, and no criminal convictions. We believe this step is one of the most vital and Bilingual Baby ensures that Every candidate has a valid DBS.

❖ Reference check: At Bilingual Baby we ensure all references provided to us are thoroughly checked, we have a minimum expectation of at least 2 valid verbal references. This way we can ensure that the candidate meets the Bilingual Baby standards. We only work with a team of true professionals that have impeccable references. We will too provide the references to your Nursery so you are able to speak with the ex-employer yourself, ensuring the candidates is the exact professional you are looking for.

❖ We will send you a selection of character profiles of our top qualified, professional candidates, matching your Nurseries needs and criteria. You will then choose a select few that you wish to interview. All our candidates are fully compliant to start working within your nursery at your greatest convenience.

❖ If the interview is a success, you can then arrange to start working with the candidates, at your earliest convenience. On a rarity if you are not satisfied with the candidate we have selected we will continue our search.

For total transparency, for those nurseries that require permanent Nursery Staff in the UK, there will be a one-off fee once you have chosen to work with the selected candidate.

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