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Nursery and Early Years teachers work in preschool, nursery and reception classes with children aged between birth and five years old.

Nursery Teachers plan activities that are in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage framework and encourage children’s development through the “learning and play” method. A Nursery Teacher should be enthusiastic, energetic and imaginative in order to engage each child in a way that expresses their full potential.

Experience required:

● Minimum 2 years working in Early Years Care and Education or as a primary/Early Years teacher
● Working with children aged between two and five years old.

Salary Range:

Junior or Trainee nursery teacher £10,000 – £14,000
Qualified and experienced nursery teachers £18,000 – £35,000

Qualifications required:

To become a nursery teacher you will need to have an Early Years Teacher Status (EYTS) and you can achieve this by completing:

● Early Years Initial Teacher Training course (EYITT) However most Nursery Teachers are also required to have degree in childcare or teaching.
● QTS or BaHon in Early years or Childhood studies
● Early Years Professional Status (EYPS)
● Paediatric First Aid qualification

Nursery Teachers usually work from 7am to 6pm however they may vary depending on where you work.

Private nurseries offer extended hours and state funded nurseries are open during school hours. Normally Nursery Teachers will work up to 8 hours a day within these times however some settings are also open on Saturdays.

Nursery Assistants

A Nursery Assistant is also known as a “key person” and their main role is to ensure that every child’s individual needs are being met according to the EYFS standards. Nursery Assistants asses the level of learning and care offered to the children and are the first point of contact for the child’s parents. Nursery Assistants usually work under the supervision of an experienced and qualified

Nursery Nurse.

Experience required:

Varies from nursery to nursery however they will expect some level of experience however this could be either paid or voluntary and can include babysitting or working within your family.

Salary Range: £10,365 – £18,080

Qualifications Required:

It is possible to work as a Nursery Assistant without any specific childcare qualifications as there are no set requirements. Nurseries will expect a good level of numeracy and literacy such as a minimum of GCSE grade “C” or an equivalent qualification. Some employers may ask for a childcare qualification such as:

● Higher level teaching assistant (HLTA)
● Paediatric First Aid

Nursery Assistants usually work from 7am to 6pm and could potentially work up to 40 hours per week.

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