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Full-time Nanny

A nanny is someone who is fully invested in a child’s development and well-being. Generally, a nanny will care for children full-time while both parents work. It’s a nanny’s responsibility to create daily schedules and engage in activities to ensure healthy mental, physical and emotional growth in the children they care for. Most nannies will be tasked with preparing meals, helping with household work (dishes, laundry, etc.), driving the children to and from activities and assisting with homework.

Many nannies have their own place of residence (and are called live-out nannies), but there are some nannies who live with the family (called live-in nannies or Au pairs).

Typically, nannies have more responsibilities and duties than a babysitter does (and, because of that, a bigger salary). In addition to basic safety classes, they may have had advanced child care training or many years of nanny experience. Often, nannies earn a weekly salary (based on hourly expectations), have taxes deducted from their paychecks and work year-round for a family. It’s expected that nannies receive at least two weeks of paid vacation and earn holiday pay as well.

Nannies often become part of the family, bonding with the children in a different way than parents do.
Because the job of a nanny is much like that of a parent, most families and nannies work together to create a nanny contract that lays out all terms and conditions of the job, including vacation time, sick days and much more.

Part-time Nanny

Some families need a mix of babysitter and nanny. They need someone to care for their kids a few hours a week (maybe only Monday through Wednesday or only after school).

But they want a caregiver who will be more involved that a typical babysitter. A part-time nanny is usually the answer.
This option can provide the best of both worlds for families trying to juggle responsibilities.


Live in Nanny

Many families who have very busy work schedules choose the option of having a live-in Nanny.

What is a live-in Nanny?

A live-in Nanny does the same duties as a Normal Nanny except they will live with your family or you will provide accommodation for the Nanny as you would with an Au pair. A live in Nanny is highly more experienced than an au pair.

For families who wish for a cost effective yet highly experienced member of staff, i would strongly suggest that a live-in could be the perfect solution for your family. A Live-in Nanny is paid a weekly rate rather than an hourly rate, their are certain guidelines to be followed as an employer in regards to rates and maximum working hours.


Live out Nanny

A live out Nanny is the most common used service, you get a truly professional individual who is highly passionate about working with children all from the comfort of your own home. The nanny will be self sufficient and will already have their own accommodation.

If you’re a family that requires nanny services, but you aren’t keen or unsure of the idea of an individual living within your premises then Bilingual Baby suggest this service to you.


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