Bilingual Baby: Learning Styles: Global

Global learners need to understand concepts before they start concentrating on the details. Endless facts tend to bore them and they lose interest fast.

They understand things better when they are introduced to them through short stories, illustrations, humor, or anecdotes.

Globals like to learn by being actively involved with information that is interesting and related to their lives.
Children who prefer soft light and informal seating such as an easy chair, bed, or lying on the carpet, are likely to be global learners. Having the TV on or music playing should not be cause for alarm. Such things actually help global learners by creating an environment that feels comfortable.

Group studying is popular with global learners. They may find it more fun and interesting when solving problems with others. It’s not unusual for globals to work on several tasks simultaneously, taking frequent breaks in between.

Snacking while working is also part of the global learning style.

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