Bilingual Baby: Education

Our programs are designed to introduce your children to a foreign language through playful methods and techniques.
This can be done after school, one-on-one tutoring, groups, school outings, evening, during the school holidays, weekends and even in the comfort of your own home.

All Babysitters, Nannies & Au Pairs will come equipped with a training pack tailored to the age & ability of your child.

The Bilingual Baby activity pack contains:

  • Audio CD ( songs)
  • Family Games
  • Recipe book
  • Story time book
  • Flashcards, Plus Holiday activities and training for the sitter!

We will provide the Parent and the Babysitter with an evaluation program used to show the progression of your Child’s learning whilst receiving bilingual baby education.
At Bilingual Baby we strive to bring you only the best education and childcare for your children as well as injecting fun and passion into learning a second language with all the diverse and charismatic activities within the Pack!

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