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Bilingual Nursery Teachers usually work with children aged between three and 5 years old. Bilingual Nursery Teachers need to carry out activities in both English and the second language of choice within the nursery. They need to be very versatile and ensure that all guidelines and expectations are being met from both the international curriculum and British Education (EYFS).

A Bilingual Nursery Teacher has the responsibilities of a non bilingual teacher such as making lesson plans, leading class activities and manage a child’s development. However when they meet with parents to discuss the student’s education, the parents may have a limited understanding of English therefore the Bilingual Teachers must be able to discuss all aspects of the child’s performance in a second language.

Bilingual Teachers are required to lead immersion programs in which students who have English as their second language and students who have English as their first language learn together or in which the latter work to learn a second language.


Experience required:

● Minimum of 2 years work experience in EAL and ESL curriculum or relevant experience as a primary teacher or Early Years Teacher
● Working with children aged between two and five years old.

Salary Ranges:

Junior/trainee Bilingual Teacher £10,00 – £14,000

Qualified/experienced £18,000 – £45,000

Qualifications required:

To become a Bilingual Nursery Teacher you will need to have an Early Years Teacher Status (EYTS) and you can achieve this by completing:

● Early Years Initial Teacher Training course (EYITT) However most Nursery Teachers are also required to have degree in childcare or teaching.
● QTS or BaHon in Early years or Childhood studies
● Early Years Professional Status (EYPS)
● Paediatric First Aid qualificaiton
● Bachelor’s degree in education or a related field such as the second language used within the nursery
● Post-Baccalaureate degree
● Bilingual Certification or licence
● Advance education such as a certification course of master’s degree in a second language is preferred by many nurseries looking for bilingual teachers
● National Association for Bilingual Education (NABE)

Nurseries are usually open from 7am to 6pm and Bilingual Teachers will be required to work up to 8 hours a day but this may vary depending on the nursery. Private nurseries offer extended hours whereas a state funded nursery are open during the school term.

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