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Bilingual Nursery Manager

A Bilingual Nursery Manager’s role is very similar to the average Nursery Manager however they are also required to incorporate another culture and may even work with an international curriculum.

They will ensure that both curriculum’s reach the educational requirements and standards set in both countries.

The Bilingual Nursery Manager is responsible for ensuring that the nursery provides the highest standard of care and education to all students as well as high quality and flexible childcare for families within the community.

They need to oversee the day to day operation of the nursery and provide leadership and support to fellow members of staff.


Minimum experience required:

● 3 years professional experience with children
● 1-2 years of management experience (ideally in childcare)
● Occasionally a Level 6 childcare qualification

Salary range: £22,000 – £35,000 – Average of £27,000

Qualifications required:

● EYFS Foundation Degree
● HND Level 3 (In Early Years related subject)
● Early Years Management (EYM or leadership for the children and young people work force)
● Bachelor’s degree in education or a related field such as the second language to be used in teaching
● Post Baccalaureate degree
● Bilingual Certification or licence
● ESL or Bilingual Endorsement Certificate
● Advanced education such as a certificate course or a master’s degree in a second language is preferred by many schools seeking bilingual teachers
● A Paediatric Frist Aid qualification
● Basic Food and Hygiene certificate

Nurseries are typically open from 7am to 6pm and Managers will usually work up to 8 horus per day.

They may also be required to work Saturdays as well as evenings in the event of Parent Teacher meetings.

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