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More and more, families are using au pairs to help provide in-home child care for their kids.
This unique arrangement can be a bigger commitment for parents than hiring babysitters or nannies because the family who hires an au pair also becomes her host for a year, but the potential bonuses of hosting au pairs are huge!

Au pairs are foreign nationals — who are looking to come here for a year to work in child care, take classes in higher education and experience life in the UK.
An au pair lives with a host family, cares for their children and, in return, the hosts provide room, board and a weekly pocket money.

The term “au pair” is French for “on par” or “equal.” An au pair is supposed to be an equal part of the family, rather than someone you simply hire to help out.
Many parents love hosting au pairs because they’re such a cost-effective way to provide high-quality child care.

Do We Want Someone to Live with Us?

Taking on an au pair is more than hiring a babysitter or a nanny — you become hosts in the process.
As a host family, you have to meet a list of requirements. They include providing housing, food and transportation, so (depending on where you live) you’ll need to have a spare car and extra living space for the au pair.

Can We Provide More Than Just Living Space for Our Au Pair?

If you do have the living space, an au pair can really be cost-effective, but she isn’t free! The State Department requires families to pay au pairs a weekly stipend of £70 to £85 a week. and a onetime fee of up to £500 towards educational costs.

Do Our Schedules Change Often?

If you’re a parent who works odd hours or travels for work, au pairs can help cover those times when your career keeps you away from home. Au pairs are great because most are available and willing to work around your schedule. But you do have to keep in mind that the State Department regulates the hours an au pair works: each can work up to a maximum of 45 hours a week or 10 hours a day.

How Long of a Commitment Do We Need from Our Au Pair?

Typically, au pairs stay with your family for one year. That means if you choose an au pair, you’ll have to find a replacement for her between 6-12 months.

How Important is the Cultural Experience an Au Pair Can Bring into Our Home?

Every au pair brings her own country’s heritage, culture and history with her. It’s exciting to have someone from another country live in your house and help open your family’s eyes to the world outside of the UK. Plus, showing your au pair how we do things here is so much fun! But you’ll have to think how these cultural experiences will impact your family before making your decision.

If you’re looking into hosting an au pair.

Do you want to become an Au pair?

Apply now: As an Au pairs you’ll won’t be classed as a employee, but more as a member of family.

You are entitled to live with your selected family and shall receive ‘pocket money’ usually about £70 to £85 a week.

However with Bilingual Baby you will earn £120 per week, plus additional fees to cover your educational course costs (If requested).
As an au pairs may have to pay Income Tax and National Insurance. However, these costs will be covered by the family.

To Apply you will need to have the following requirements:

EU citizen requirements:

No entry visa is needed, as freedom of movement applies to all EU and EFTA citizens. You will only require a EU passport or identity card. There are no restrictions with regard to the duration of stay or residence.

Citizens of these countries may also live and work in the UK if they have already done so in the past.

◦You will need to send us your CV
◦Cover letter
◦Two references.
◦Preferred entry date.
◦Criminal history records.
◦EU passport or identity card.

Non-EU citizen requirements:

If your au pair is neither from the EU nor from an EFTA state, they can probably become an au pair in your family under the Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme.

The following persons may apply:

◦ Citizens of Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Monaco, New Zealand, the Republic of Korea and Taiwan
◦ British overseas citizens, British overseas territories citizens or British nationals (overseas).

For applicants of Hong Kong, the Republic of Korea and Taiwan, the local governments act as sponsors.

Au pairs must apply for their visa within 3 months upon receipt of their certificate of sponsorship.

◦You will need to send us your CV
◦Cover letter
◦Two references.
◦Preferred entry date.
◦Criminal history records.
◦Passport, identity card.
◦Visa/Student Visa.

Benefits of being an Au pair:

◦ You’ll learn about British culture from the host family and share their own culture with them
◦ You’ll have have their own private room in the house, provided free of charge
◦ You’ll eat their main meals with the host family, free of charge
◦ You’ll receive pocket money
◦ You can attend English language classes at a local college in their spare time
◦ You are allowed time to study and can practice their English with the host family
◦ You may sometimes go on holiday with the host family and help look after the children
◦ You can travel home to see their family during the year.

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