Bilingual Baby: Process: Applicant

Step One Pre-selection:
Our team carefully studies and evaluates each applicant’s CV based on the following criteria:

They apply by sending the following:

  • A cover letter.
  • A C.V.
  • Letter of recommendation.
  • Criminal history records.
  • Two verbal references.

“Our Motivated applicants are all of mother tongue”


Step Two Eligibility:

  • Legality to work in the UK: (official criminal records and legal documents allowing the applicant to legally live and work in the UK.)
  • Diplomas: ( GCSE, AS, Alevel, BAC, AFPS BAFA, Masters. etc.)
  • Cover letter: We evaluate the applicant’s motivation to work with children, which we later assess in the interview.
  • Reference: We contact their last employers to find out more about the applicant’s professionalism and skills.


Step Three Selection:

If the applicant has met all the requirements based on the criteria above, our Bilingual Baby team will then arrange a meeting with the potential candidate.


Step Four Interview:

We Evaluate all our candidate’s skills, motivation, passion, safety, knowledge and experience within the childcare sector.

Each candidate will be accessed on Four main topics:

  1. Safety: Safety regulations, Safety awareness,Domestic accidents and will need to demonstrate their First aid training (Level 1)
    Do not worry if you do not have First Aid training, Bilingual baby can refer you to one of our safety specialists who can help you obtain the qualification.
  2. Scenario: The scenarios address various topics such as, security and the description of a typical day with a child.
  3. Personality: We evaluate each candidate’s personality as we only employ truly enthusiastic individuals whom love working with children.
  4. Education: Each applicant will be evaluated on their teaching skills and their connection with children.

If the applicant is successful, we then welcome them to the Bilingual Baby team.

The candidate will then be taught by one of our lovely professional Bilingual Baby instructors so all our employees can obtain the following skills:

  • Bilingualism
  • The child/rens individual learning methods that is most effective to them.
  • Language ambassador skills.
  • Safety awareness.

Once our employees training is completed, assessed by or team and has been granted a pass by your instructor.

Congratulations you are now a Bilingual Language Instructor!

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